Dalin's P Cotton N' D Act, RETIRED 
"COTTON" is a very sweet girl.  She has points toward her CH title, but we just never finished it.  She has OFA Excellent hips and is in the 100th percentile with Penn Hipp.  Her superb temperament, soundness,  and harsh coat are her biggest attributes.
CH Blueline Little Bit O' Class,CD, RETIRED
Ripsnorter Tail of Woe-Be X BL Briare Patch, JH
"LI'L BIT" has many group placings and wins, has achieved her obedience title and has 3 legs toward her junior hunter title.  She produces pups with great temperaments and hunting abilities, as well as super conformations. She went to Nationals last year and showed as an 11 1/2 yr old veteran.  She did very well (1st place one day, 2nd the other) and had the time of her life!!
CH Blueline Lace Me in Kisses, JH, Retired
CH Ripsnorter Makin A Statement X Blueline Get A Clue, JH
"LACIE" is another sweetie.  Her name says it all.  Lace finished her Ch title at 8 months and her Jh title at 11 months.  We are very proud of her.
Blueline's Whole Kit N' Kaboodle, RETIRED
Ch Blueline Mister Class Act, JH, CD, CGC X Blueline Bounce Back, JH
"KIT KAT" is our little mischief maker.  After surgery to remove the blanket from her insides, she has accomplished 10 points toward her CH title, including a major, as well as a leg toward her JH.  Unfortunately, she went to live in a pet home that hasn't had time to finish her. But, she is having the best time being a farm dog and child's companion.
Blueline Get A Clue, JH , RETIRED
Ripsnorter's Tail Of Woe-Be X BL Briare Patch, JH
"CLUELESS"  was named for her silly antics as a pup, but is far from clueless in the bird field.  She is an accomplished hunter and loves to swim, forever keeping us laughing at all of her silly games...hide and seek, and dock jumping to name a couple:)
BL Back To The Point, CD , RETIRED
"BECKLEY" is my special girl.  She hasn't achieved any titles, except her obedience title, but she has my heart all wrapped up.  She is my constant companion and my protector.  She seems to be everyone's favorite, and is our most accomplished beggar:)  She has produced several top quality hunters in her time. She celebrated her 14th birthday in October of 2010.  We lost her the next year, and will miss her forever.
BL Briare Patch, JH , RETIRED
"BRIARE PATCH" is the one who started it all.  She was our first GWP and created our passion for the breed.  We owe her everything.  She produced numerous champions and hunting dogs and was a beloved family pet, and hunting companion. We will miss her always.
CH Blueline Das Ban Der Diebe,RETIRED
CH Ripsnorter Makin A Statement X Blueline Get A Clue, JH
"BIS" is Lacie's sister.  She is sweet, gorgeous, and a hunting fool.  We co-own her, so haven't had the opportunity to finish her JH, but she is very birdy.
CH Blueline Buggin' You JH, Retired
CH Wismar's On The Rocks O'Heywire X CH Blueline Little Bit O' Class, CD
"CRICKET" is Li'l Bit's daughter. Cricket finished her Champion title and her JH title.  She is truly a star and we have enjoyed every minute living with her. For more pics and info on Cricket visit her page.
Blueline Raisin' Cain - RETIRED
CH Blueline Top O' The Class  X 
"RAISIN" is our little huntin' fool:)  She lives to hunt and to please us, but boy is she full of herself. We haven't done anything toward titling her yet, but see no problem getting a JH on her this fall. For more info and pics on Raisin visit her page.

CH Blueline Lightning Bug JH, RETIRED
CH Blueline Drivin' Me To Drink JH X CH Blueline Buggin' You JH
"Firefly" is my new best friend, since we lost Beckley in November 2010.  She achieved her Champion title at 15 months, with only 4 weekends out at the shows, and she finished her JH in just 2 weekends. I hope to title her in Obedience and maybe agility.   She is such a clown, like her Daddy, but reminds me of my Beckley in so many ways.  For more info and pics visit her page.

GCH Blueline's Aspen Glow JH, RETIRED
CH Blueline Drivin' Me To Drink JH X CH Blueline Buggin' You JH
"Aspen" is just stunning.  We picked her out at birth and she has not let us down.  She has a superb conformation and excellent coat, while still maintaining fierce hunting drive.  She finished her Champion title at just 9 months, in only 3 weekends of showing. She finished her JH in 4 out of 4 tests.  
Blueline's Storm Chaser, RETIRED
CH Blueline Drivin' Me To Drink JH X Blueline Raisin Cain
"Storm" is our new black and white girl.  We are thrilled with her.  She has an outstanding temperament and, as you can see, she is beautiful.
Int. Ch. GCH CH Blueline's Grand Finale JH, RETIRED
CH Blueline Drivin' Me To Drink JH X  CH Blueline Buggin' You JH
"Firecracker" aka "Cracker" is our last puppy out of Cricket.  She is stunning, has a great coat, and a superb temperament. We love this girl.  Look for her in the show ring this year as a special.
Brags: Firecracker took Best In Show Puppy at the International Dog show in Charlotte, NC 2013, at just 6 1/2 months. She finished her Champion title and her JH title with limited showing, and can boast some pretty big wins, including BOB over specials, and Best Opp in AOH Sweepstakes in the Regional show at the 2014 National. She has now finished her Adult Int. Ch. title as well.
Int. CH Blueline's No Good Biscuit Eater JH, aka "Biscuit"
CH Alexander Von Tengra X CH Blueline Lightning Bug, JH
"Biscuit" is Firefly's daughter. So far Biscuit is living up to everything we expected from this pairing. She is loving, intelligent, has a beautiful conformation and shows excellent potential as a hunting dog. We expect great things from her as she matures.
Int. CH Blueline Jamaica Me Crazy JH
Russian CH Egermaster Admiral Nelson X Blueline's Storm Chaser
"Jamaica" is our first pup out of our Russian boy, Ulli.  We couldn't be more pleased. She took a group one in her first puppy match, at 4 months old, with absolutely no show training.  She is a natural and we look forward to showing her in the future.  She is also showing excellent staunchness on point at a very young age.

Int, CH Blueline Stirrin' The Pot NA prize 1, aka "Basil"
Russian CH Egermaster Admiral Nelson X Blueline's Storm Chaser 
Basil is Jamaica's full sister. We love these girls! Basil is an excellent hunter and has an amazing conformation, with a harsh dense coat. She received a Prize 1 on her NAVHDA natural ability test and is currently in training to go further. She has completely impressed us.
Int. CH Blueline's I Have A Dream, aka "Tangle"
Egermaster Admiral Nelson X Int. CH GCH Blueline's Grand Finale JH
Tangle is a lovely girl from Crackers and Ulli.  She has had limited showing, but has some nice wins so far, including AOH Best Opp at the 2018 GWP Nationals.
All the girls below this line have been retired, but were a part of what got us where we are today.
Blueline's New Beginning, aka "Sprout"
Russian CH Egermaster Admiral Nelson X Int. CH Blueline's No Good Biscuit Eater JH
Sprout is my pup from Biscuit and Ulli.  She is in training to be my next diabetic alert dog and so far is showing great promise.
Herc Dama Od Abaje, aka "Herc"
Jago II Vom Birkengrund X Zuna Od Ariljske Podobale
Herc is our new import from Serbia. We are excited to add 
Herc to our breeding program.