So you are ready to put down a deposit on a pup, but are worried about where you stand on the list to choose a pup.  No worries, that's not how we work here at Blue Line.

We believe it is very important that each pup is temperament tested before it goes to it's new home. The optimum time to temperament test is at 7 weeks. So, we don't know where each pup is going until this time. Pups are tested at 7 weeks and then we choose which home each pup goes to based on a questionnaire that you filled out, telling us about your household and the pup's intended lifestyle. The temperament test doesn't tell us who the pup will be when it grows up, as most of that is up to you and how you raise them. But, it does tell us who they are now and where they will be most likely to succeed and become the best that they can be. We would not want to place a high drive hunting dog as a couch potato or a noise sensitive pup in a hunting home. So, ultimately it makes no difference when you placed your deposit, as we will choose your pup for you. People have been extremely happy with this system. We want our pups to succeed and you to be happy with your new companion. If you put a deposit on a female(or male) pup that is what you will get, but we don't let people choose pups on looks alone. We would love to hear your input and your favorite picks, as there may be several options for each family and it helps us sort it all out in the end. But, please understand that the final decision is up to us.  If you are not happy with the pup we have chosen for you, you may wait for the next litter or get a refund on your deposit (seller's discretion).

Puppy Selection Process
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