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ALL DOGS ON THIS PAGE ARE ARE READY FOR ADOPTION WITH A MODERATE ADOPTION FEE TO COVER EXPENSES (average of $350, sometimes higher, sometimes lower).    Contact Heidi for more information.  We sometimes have more that aren't listed here, so if you are looking for something specific let us know.


Some people see these adoption fees as high, when actually it is a deal.  These dogs come to you fully vetted.  The cost of adopting a rescue is far less than buying a puppy and then raising it to one year old.  Keep in mind that the majority of these dogs are already housebroken or, at the very least, crate trained.

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German Shepherds
WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Rescuing dogs is something we love to do, but we can't continue without help. We are in need of donations of time, money and/or supplies.  Here are a few ways you can help:

1. Donate either money or supplies ( food, blankets, cleaning supplies, etc...)

2. Donate your time. We need people to help care for, socialize, groom, and train these dogs.

3. Foster a dog.  These dogs need lots of TLC and one on one time with people.  Contact us for a foster application if you are interested.

4. Adopt a dog! They are in need of loving forever homes.  If you can open your heart to a rescue, they will give back 2 fold.
For more info on how you can help, call us at 704-843-0944 or email us.


I RESCUED A HUMAN TODAY.     Her eyes met mine as she walked down the corridor peering apprehensively into the kennels.  I felt her need instantly and knew I had to help her.  I wagged my tail, not too exuberantly, so she wouldn't be afraid.

As she stopped at my kennel I blocked her view from a little accident I had in the back of my cage.  I didn't want her to know that I hadn't been walked today.  Sometimes the shelter keepers get too busy and I didn't want her to think poorly of them.

As she read my kennel card I hoped that she wouldn't feel sad about my past.  I only have the future to look forward to and want to make a difference in someone's life.

She got down on her knees and made little kissy sounds at me.  I shoved my shoulder and side of my head up against the bars to comfort her.  Gentle fingertips caressed my neck; she was desperate for companionship.

A tear fell down her cheek and I raised my paw to assure her that all would be well.  Soon my kennel door opened and her smile was so bright that I instantly jumped into her arms.  I would promise to keep her safe.  I would promise to always be by her side. I would promise to do everything I could to see that radiant smile and sparkle in her eyes.  I was so fortunate that she came down my corridor.  So many more are out there who haven't walked the corridors.  So many more to be saved.  At least I could save one.

I rescued a human today.   -AUTHOR UNKNOWN

                                                   Won't you let one of these animals rescue you?

4 yr old spayed female Boxer
Sophie is a wonderful girl, who adores people of all sizes, including babies and toddlers:). She is housebroken and crate trained. She is very loyal and loving and is an excellent watch dog. She is protective of her home and family. Boxers are high energy, so her new family should plan an activity to be sure she gets enough exercise.  Sophie is a bit on the dominant side, so would do best in a home as an only dog or with a dog that will not challenge her. An owner that is a strong pack leader will have no trouble with her, but she might challenge someone who is not, as she is a bit strong willed. She has been through obedience training and is quite well behaved for her foster home now, but will need someone willing to keep up with her training. If you feel like you can provide the right home for Sophie, please contact us for an application.


1 yr old Morkie (maltese/yorkie)
"ROMEO" is as sweet as can be. He is a love bug for sure, but loves to play also. Romeo loves other dogs, but thinks chasing cats is fun.  He is good with people of all sizes.  Romeo's young owner did not live up to her responsibility of training him, so he was forced to live in a bathroom, with very little attention.  We have successfully crate trained him, but you will need to continue to work on his housebreaking.  We have started some basic obedience and he is very willing to please.  He is current on all vaccines and neutered.  Romeo will be ready for a new home very soon. If you feel Romeo would be a good fit for you, please contact us for an application.  
Click here to go to the National GWP Rescue site for more adoptable German Wirehaired Pointers.
3 yr Old Spayed Female Doberman
"Sammy" is a very affectionate girl. She is a doberman, so is high energy and needs a job. Sammy is house broken and well mannered. Sammy's owners have very sadly given her up due to taking a new job which involves traveling. Sammy has been very unhappy with this change in her lifestyle and her owners felt that it was only fair to let Sammy go to a family that would be there for her.  If you feel Sammy would be a good fit for you, please contact us for an application.