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So yesterday I was leaving for work and as always Kelsey was sad.  Every morning when she is sad I tell her "Mommy has to go to work so I can feed you!"  (You know how we talk to our dogs...)  Anyway, during yesterday's moping that I was leaving I said "Mommy has to go to work so I can pay for your kennel!"  She then brightened up, wagged her tail, and stared at the door with her eyes lit up.  She thought we were going to the kennel!  She's sooooo cute!!!   -Jill Piatek
"I've been taking my dog Abby to Blueline Kennel for the past several years when I have to go on a long trips and can not take her. I know Heidi and her crew take good care of their guest and your pets enjoy it there because they have someone else to play with during the day. This alone is reason to choose Blueline Kennel, who wants to put their dogs in a confined steel cage with concrete floors for several days. The reason I know Abby likes it there is every time we turn down the gravel path leading to the kennel she starts wagging her tail and getting excited and can't wait to get out and join her friends."   -Scott Bloom

We sent our dog, Guy for training with Heidi.  He’s a Coton de Tulear who matted when you looked at him the wrong way.  He hated being brushed.  He would bite, squirm, and basically act like you were trying to kill him.  When we picked him up from training it was like he was a different dog.  He was calm and let you brush, bathe, and blow-dry him with no complaints!  We can’t wait to use Heidi again. We have recommended her to all of our friends.  I’m also a very nervous mommy; I called probably 4 times a day in the beginning, just to see what my little Guy was up to.  Heidi and her staff never acted annoyed and they really told me things he was doing and how he was acting not saying ‘oh he’s doing great, bye’ like any other kennel would.  Towards the end I had relaxed so much that Heidi was calling me with daily updates instead of me calling them! I knew he was getting the same kind of care of love from Heidi and the crew as I would have given myself.   -Rachel Ciullo

I have only taken my two year old foxhound to Blue Line Kennel once so
far, and have just made my appointment for his second visit!  I've been
looking for a reason to go out of town so that I could take Cash to Blue
Line.  The first time I brought him to stay there, I cried when I left.
I had only borded him once before and I knew he wasn't happy.  When I picked him up Sunday afternoon, he didn't even act excited to see me!
He wanted to stay with all the buddies he made friends with!  We didn't even get halfway out of the driveway before Cash was asleep sitting up. He was trying to stay awake, but the fun he had caught up with him.  The staff at Blue Line is second to none.  They are polite, nice, professional, but most of all, they care about the animals.  Friends offer to watch Cash for me now, but I say if I get to go on vacation, Cash should too!  Blue Line Kennel is paradise for him! Thanks y'all!     -Katie & Cash Burton

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