Flea control trouble
A few years back there was trouble with the popular flea controls (Frontline and Advantage) not working because the fleas became resistant to them.  It got better for a few years, but the resistant fleas came back a couple years ago, worse than ever.  Unfortunately, most of the over the counter flea controls have switched to the active ingredient in Frontline because the patent lifted.  So, there aren't a lot of options when you come in contact with these resistant fleas.  Several of our customers unknowingly brought these resistant fleas to the kennel in 2012.  So, unfortunately, we have found it necessary to start requiring proof of flea controls that work.  The only flea controls we know for sure are working are Comfortis, Trifexis, Bravecto, Nexgard, Tritak(the new frontline, must say TRITAK on it), and Advantix for dogs; Revolution or Comfortis for cats. These flea controls all must be obtained at your vet's office or with a prescription online.  We now also accept program or sentinel, as long as your dog has been on it long term (it does not kill fleas, but is flea birth control, so will not spread them).  We are sorry to make our customers have to do this, but it is costing us personally $350 per month to keep our animals on Comfortis, and we would like to stop the cycle.  Thank you for understanding...it is for everyone's benefit.

*We provide Capstar at $5 per pill for pets that don't 
              have approved flea control.

If you are not sure about your flea control, here is a list of known flea controls that we don't accept:

Frontline or Frontline Plus
Pet Armor
Any over the counter flea controls with Fiprinol as the active ingredient